Homework For Preschoolers: Effective Guidelines

Getting preschoolers to complete their homework is hectic for parents and teacher alike. The session is characterized by fake crying, tantrums, slumping over the table, begging to play and moaning, among other behaviors. This calls for a special strategy that will get the work done in the shortest time possible and the easiest way. Here are some valuable tips from experts.

  • Set a Definite Time
  • There are many activities competing for the attention of the child at the moment. The child must be made to understand the importance of the assignment and that completing the work is compulsory. This is achieved by setting a regular time to do the work. Wherever the child is, he or she will always know that it is the inevitable time to handle school work.

  • Be Firm
  • Expect tantrums, forced cries and excuses on why the work will not be done. Despite all these, the work must be completed. By being firm at the beginning, the child gives up and understands that no matter what, the work must be completed.

  • Find a Reward
  • This acts as a motivation to the child to do the work. The reward could be something edible, a favorite toy, a day out, a chance to engage in his favorite activity, etc. A child who is looking forward to a reward at the end of the work will be motivated to complete it.

  • Yours Vs the Teacher’s
  • In some cases, your approach may differ from that of the teacher. To maintain confidence in the learning process, let the approach by the teacher prevail. You should seek clarification later to avoid confusion.

  • Provide Assistance and Support
  • It will be difficult for a child to sit through an exercise he does not understand. This will be the genesis of tantrums and excuses as to why the homework cannot be completed. Be there to support the child and provide guidance to ensure that the work is completed as quickly and in the right way. Sometimes, your presence and attention is enough without having to do the work.

  • Take a break
  • Avoid being too strict on the child. This creates unnecessary tension in the learning process. Let the homework session not appear like the most difficult moment in life. Make it enjoyable by using interesting images and materials. If it is too much for the child, let him relax and resume later.

Assignment session should never be a stressing moment for the child. Provide the right materials and environment to make it enjoyable. However, the child must be made to understand its seriousness.