Fundamental Advice On How To Develop Good Homework Habits

Despite having to spend several years of our academic lives doing take home assignments, most of us never get full control and struggle to make it a habit to get work done. It can take years to get a routine down, but once it does happen grades go up as assignments get easier and test scores rise. Here’s some fundamental advice on how to develop good homework habits:

  • Figure out the best time to complete assignments and stick to it.
  • If you are surrounded by family, friends, or roommates, it’s important that you find a good time for you to work on your assignments so that you minimize the number of distractions. It could be immediately after a class, after dinner or even after everyone else as gone to bed. Whatever works best is essential as long as you stick to it.

  • Create a space that promotes working on your assignments.
  • The perfect homework spot is somewhere you can go and not have to face distractions of any type. It’s the perfect temperature and has the perfect lighting. Even if you can’t find this “space” you can certainly create one by ensuring you bring all the necessary tools to get your assignments done.

  • Set aside a good time to get your work done without distractions.
  • One of the essentials of developing good homework habits is that you start and complete your assignments at the same time. Scientists know that the human brain wire and re-wires itself to follow routines. When you start your assignment at the same time each day, your brain will refocus its attention to critical thinking-mode faster than in other parts of the day.

  • Have helpful resources nearby and at the ready.
  • Be sure you’ve gathered all of your notes and materials before starting your assignment. If you are in need of using online resources or support then make sure you’ve opened up those websites and have the assistance you need ready to jump in when required. This will save you a lot of time and help keep you in rhythm.

  • Consider getting some outside help to get you started.
  • If you’re having trouble getting into rhythm, consider getting some outside help to move you along. A regular meeting with a tutor or study group works well in getting you into a positive work habit. Consistently having to show up to a meeting will develop a routine that will be hard to break. You will, of course, see the results in the form of higher grades and will work to ensure that it doesn’t break.