Where To Get Free Homework Answers In Mechanical And Software Engineering

Subjects like mechanical and software engineering can be tricky to find homework answers for because they often incorporate larger concepts and theories with specific math and physics calculations. In other words, it isn’t just enough to be able to solve an equation, you have to understand the content well enough that you will know what to include in the equation and what you are solving for. Luckily, there are some excellent online resources that can help you to find answers to your assignment in mechanical and software engineering courses:

  • University departments’ websites
  • Many college and university physics, engineering, or computer science departments have put together really great online resources that range from dictionaries and encyclopedias of terms that you will need to know, to interactive and in depth explanations of how to solve different problems. Look at your own university’s page, or search the pages of other leading schools in the field. You can usually tell if a page belongs to a department if it ends in a .edu URL.

  • Textbook publishers’ websites
  • Many textbook publishers are also developing websites or apps to accompany their books. Look in your book for the class to see if there is a link provided. Some of these websites require a code from the book – some of which you may be able to find online provided by other students—while others are free. These can be great options because they usually provide information beyond what is in the textbook. So, if you are unable to find the answer in your book, it may be in one of these resources.

  • An online search
  • Many students don’t realize that lots of professors and teachers come up with questions for homework assignments from online resources. This means that by simply doing an online search for the question you may be able to find the resource that they got it from and the answer to it. You may also just be able to find a page that includes information on the key subject of the question.

  • Professional groups
  • Most professional groups have some sort of online forum or chat room where you can go to pose questions. This is great, because you’ll be asking a bunch of professionals. You should, however, try to make it sound like it isn’t just a homework question you are trying to get an answer for, but rather it is a real question you have.