Eight Useful Homework Study Tips For Elementary Students

Why homework is such a dreaded word for elementary students?

There are many factors at play when it comes to inducing fear among elementary students about homework. Not understanding the instructions properly, procrastination, hate for the subject are some of them. To get out of this soup- the student, the teacher and the parents must work as a team.

8 helpful tips about homework for elementary students

  • Don’t fall back on parents every time
  • This is your job to complete the homework and you shouldn’t lean back on your parents every time. Try to do the task on your own and keep the call for help- as the last resort.

  • Get yourself an assignment copy
  • It will help tremendously if your school provides you with an assignment copy but if not; then get yourself one. You must note down the list of tasks on the page and tick them off one by one as you complete them. Include the time schedule also.

  • A quiet place is a must-have criterion
  • Do you find your home too chaotic all the time? Then go to your school library for doing the home-tasks peacefully. Or else, request your parents to provide you with such a corner in your house.

  • Tackle the hardest the first
  • If you fear mathematics or geography the most, then at first you should face them head on. Most of the students postpone the difficult home-task and later it culminates into unfinished copy.

  • Maintain a regularity
  • If you like studying between dinner time and bed time, then stick to it. Or if you want to complete the tasks as soon as you return back from school, then try to maintain the regularity.

  • Talk to your teacher
  • Talking to your teacher when you do not understand the instruction- is one of the prerequisites of getting your home tasks done. If you feel too intimidated to ask him/her in front of the class, then communicate outside. Introducing your parents to your teacher is also a great step.

  • Create a study group
  • Creating a study group with your close class mates is a good idea. Don’t keep the group too large or else it may incite chaos. Sit every day together at your school library or at any of the member’s home for studying.

  • Reward yourself
  • If you find doing home-tasks at a stretch too boring, then break them down. Finish one part within a set deadline and then reward yourself. It can be anything –from playing for 10 minutes or treating yourself with a cup-cake.