Doing Homework Assignments After School: 7 Helpful Suggestions

It’s never a good idea to allow yourself to fall into the negative habit of not getting your homework assignments completed after school. It can lead to a number of other problems. Besides your grades falling, you can also lose sleep, you can start eating poorly, and you may experience stress. You have to take proactive measures to get back into the positive habit of getting your work done on time. Here are seven helpful suggestions to help you get back on track:

  1. Develop a Weekly Calendar
  2. Keep your homework assignments organized by using a weekly calendar to mark due dates and nightly responsibilities. This will prevent you from falling behind and will likely boost you towards developing a new positive habit.

  3. Make a Nightly Task List
  4. Take a look at your responsibilities each night and make a task list that you can check off after completing each one. This will help you plan the amount of time per night you should be spending on each task and will also serve as a motivational tool to keep you moving forward.

  5. Create a Quiet Workspace
  6. Creating a quiet workspace is a great way of keeping yourself from distractions. Obviously electronics are major distractions, but so too are roommates or family members. Keep your homework assignment space quiet.

  7. Organize Your Work
  8. Before getting started get all of your material out and place it nearby so that you don’t have to scramble in search for any of it later in the evening. Organize your material by subject to save even more time.

  9. Set Goals and Rewards
  10. Setting goals and rewarding yourself after achieving them is a great way of keeping yourself motivated throughout the night. Consider time goals or specific problem goals (e.g., work for 45 minutes or complete 10 problems) and reward yourself with a short break. Perhaps a short walk or a chance to check your messages should motivate you to work faster.

  11. Prepare Healthy Snacks
  12. You’re bound to get hungry throughout the evening, so it’s a good idea to prepare yourself some healthy snacks to keep your mind and body energized. We stress the word “healthy” because sugary or salty snacks can lead to spikes and even make you feel drowsy.

  13. Review Each Section
  14. This tip comes from educators experienced in getting students back on track. Before moving on to the next section you should review the section you have just completed. This will refresh your mind so that you are able to complete the following tasks with more ease.