Dealing With Homework Overload: A Great Manual

Homework has become a matter of great concern for students of today. There are two reasons of its overload. First there is already too much of it and secondly, it sounds too much because students feel stressed because they take it with a heavy heart and want to run away from the situation.

How to deal with such a situation?

  • Talk to the teacher: The parent-teacher conversation will guide the students with the time management skills as in how much time is sufficient in itself to complete subject assignment. If you feel that your child is spending more than required time, do not ignore the fact as it is a grave matter. Talk to the teacher regarding the possible solutions about the ways of reducing the study time. If the teacher suggests that a tutor is the best solution as you can’t manage to sit with your ward, do not hesitate to take the step.
  • Multitasking: Usually mothers are short of time and can’t manage to teach their kids while sitting. Neither they have patience to do so nor can they afford to sit idle with them when they are writing. In this situation, they should make their kid sit on the kitchen table while they are cooking and assist solving their issues that they ask from time to time. Such a scenario keeps the environment lively while making the visibility of the mother.
  • Sketch a routine and stick to it: The routine, the positive surrounding and the distraction free area are the most important factors that influence the studies and the mood of the child. Ensure that you opt for a fix schedule; the students keep cleaning their surrounding from time to time and do not sit with all the books and copies together in one go. They bring the second homework only when the first one is finished. A fixed schedule will lessen the stress and late night rushes. The amount of procrastination will be reduced making them adjust with the passage of time.
  • Assignment calendar: Organize the duration on daily basis. Based on the quantity of assignment, ask them to complete the assignment within 10 or 20 minutes and appreciate them after they have completed. Teach them time management and steps to make the outline so that they do not feel stressed till last minute.
  • Make them complete their written work on their own: Parents should never do it. It sends the wrong message.
  • Teach them to make complete use of their school time: If they can complete as much work in school, they will save a lot of time at home. This means more playing at home.

Reward your child once they start their progress and become independent.