List Of Great Vocabulary Homework Ideas For The 3rd Grade

Vocabulary development lessons are very important for the 3rd grade schoolers. The kids master various words, the peculiarities of word formation, the use of basic rules etc. The vocabulary homework is an important element for the material practice after school. The children in the third grade are rather proactive and homework is not their most favorite way of time spending.

That is true that most 3rd graders don’t like doing their assignments, but children must fulfill it in order to master proper vocabulary skills and develop other useful abilities. Some teachers give similar types of exercises and it quickly makes children bored. They are not able to withstand the routine that is repeated from lesson to lesson. Here you will find the list of homework ideas that will surely come in hand during vocabulary enrichment lessons.

  1. Crossword puzzles will be an excellent practice of words. It will develop both writing and thinking skills as the children will have to remember the words before writing them down.

  2. Riddle solving is also a good way of word practice as various types of riddles develop the vocabulary and make the process of work interesting.

  3. Learning tongue twisters is a good practice of words and their pronunciation. In addition, it is very funny to practice the words with the parents.

  4. Fill in the blank spaces of the text. Choose any interesting fairy tale or any other interesting story with necessary words and transform it into an exercise. The 3rd graders will gladly do the assignment to read an interesting story.

  5. The use of visual aids for vocabulary practice is also useful. Use match words with pictures exercises to develop perceptive skills and visual memory. The skills that kids receive at an early age will help them when they grow older.

  6. Word search is a good attention training exercise. Mind that the text should be interesting for the reader as the interest is the moving force of studying among third graders.

  7. Drawing or searching of the pictures that correspond to the given words develops investigative skills of the children. This type of an assignment can be done with parents and it will be more useful as it will teach children the basics of teamwork.

  8. Use short stories for vocabulary comprehension exercises. The children will practice reading as well.

  9. Make the children write the sentences with the given words. They will practice not only spelling of the words but also their use.

  10. Use standard synonyms and antonyms search exercises to practice the material that the children have studied during the lessons.