Top 10 Homework Tips For High School Students On History

History is one of the highest scoring subjects, only if you study it in a right way.

So, here I am with the ten coolest homework tips on History.

  1. Make Notes:
  2. Make notes of what the teacher is explaining to the class. Tag the important points with the star or a circle. This way you are never going to miss any point, which is very important for the exam point of view.

  3. Draw maps:
  4. Draw small maps along with text on the side of the notebook. As we all know that Pictures and maps gain more attention and are easier to remember.

  5. Write In Chronological Order:
  6. Always try to write in chronological order in your notebook. This will help you to remember the important events easily.

  7. Revise On Regular Basis:
  8. Revision is a key to success. Make sure to revise your daily tasks, after completion.

  9. Watch History Related Movies In Your Free Time:
  10. You know we want history to be interesting not boring!

    For this, In your free time, you can watch movies based on history

    For example Titanic, world war 1-2, Vietnam War, apollo13 and many others.

    By this way whenever you sit again to do your school work, everything seems interesting and easy to you.

  11. Summarize Every Chapter
  12. At the end of every chapter, you can summarize the chapter in three or four lines. Summarizing helps you to understand the chapter conceptually.

  13. Play Audio Tape:
  14. Some students are a very good listener. If you are one of them, then try to record answers in your own voice and play them repeatedly. You will be able to remember many things, which are important for your upcoming exam.

  15. Make Use of Online Tools:
  16. You can also make use of online tools to complete your homework. These tools will guide you to learn this subject conceptually.

  17. Practice, Practice, Practice!
  18. History is all about practice. The more you practice; more you will be able to complete your work on time, plus an advantage of getting excellent marks in examinations.

  19. History Is Fun:
  20. History is a fun learning subject. You only need to change your approach on how you study this subject.


With these tips not only just your homework is completed on time but also you will have prepared for the upcoming examinations, plus your notebook has everything you need like notes, summary, important points, maps, etc. that will assist you to score very good marks.